Improving Knowledge. Saving Lives.

A Cardiac Arrest Survival Foundation Initiative.

As defibrillators become more commonplace across the country, DefibMats will become commonplace in the classroom.
Teachers from all over Australia are finding the DefibMat a useful resource to show Australia's younger generation what a defibrillator is, how to use it and, potentially, how to confidently save a life, should the need arise.
See what some of our teachers have said about the DefibMats:



Kim Vandervelde 

Head of Personal Development, Health and Physical Education, Monte Sant' Angelo Mercy College

“Our students can add this knowledge to their lifesaving and CPR skills learnt in PDHPE, and be more educated on the role defibrillators play in critical incidents.

“Involvement in the trial has allowed the girls to experience a defibrillator scenario in a clear, easy-to-follow, non-confronting manner, so they will be able to use this experience in any situation where an AED may be required.”

Sam Di Sano

Chairman of Freshwater Surf Lifesaving Nippers, Sydney

“As an educative tool it’s a great product because it’s so simple to use.

“On the defib mat there’s a great outline of a torso and the defib; The kids found it terrific because they could engage with the simulated defib.

“I’d suggest to every surf club that it be part and parcel of their training in basic defibrillation for the entire community.”

Sinclair Watson

Head of Personal Development, Health and Physical Education St Aloysius College Sydney

“We have delivered the class to several of our Year 7 and 8 PDHPE classes and have found it to be well set out and timed.

“The feedback has been very positive.”


Dr Don Dingsdag

Senior Lecturer Natural Science University of Wollongong

“It is important for young people to understand what a defibrillator is, what they look and sound like, and where they might be located.

“Defibrillators are increasingly available in workplaces and public spaces and our students need to learn about them.

“The Defibmat achieves all of these things and is designed to be easy to use for teachers and students alike.

“And the students seem to enjoy it.”