Improving Knowledge. Saving Lives.

A Cardiac Arrest Survival Foundation Initiative.

learn about binary options stock option trading in india inquiry money market trade types binary option trends Since 2006, Sydney-based non-profit The Cardiac Arrest Survival Foundation has been raising awareness of the desperate need for defibrillators in workplaces and public spaces such as sports grounds, shopping centres and on public transport.

Now they are lobbying for approved guidelines to steer the deployment of defibrillators in public spaces.
The Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Cardiac Responder. The directors of the Foundation perform their roles in a purely voluntary capacity.
Inspired by the late Dr Jeff Wassertheil, a founding director, the Cardiac Arrest Survival Foundation (the Foundation) embarks on various research projects related to cardiac arrest.

The first of these is to establish the National Cardiac Arrest Registry (NCAR) to determine the precise number of people who die from SCA. 
The ultimate goal of NCAR is to assist government, corporate and ambulance service administrators identify:

  • Who is affected.
  • When and where cardiac arrests occur
  • Which elements of the emergency health services system are functioning well and those that are not.
  • How changes can be made to improve cardiac arrest outcomes.

The Cardiac Arrest Survival Foundation is Australia's only charity dedicated to reducing needless deaths from out of hospital cardiac arrest.The foundation is active in:            

  • leading research on the proper deployment of defibrillators
  • raising awareness of defibrillators through Shoctober, which is now recognized on the Australian health calendar during October as defibrillator awareness month
  • donating defibrillators to the community.

The Foundation's Conflict of Interest Policy requires board members to disclose relationships with a potential grantee or vendor and provides guidance on managing such conflicts.

Conflict of interest policy
The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance in identifying and handling potential and actual conflicts of interest involving the Foundation.

In most instances, conflicts of interest can be avoided simply by continuing to exercise good judgment as, the foundation relies on the sound judgment of its directors and/or employees to prevent many such conflict situations.

The Foundation is committed to the highest levels of integrity. Directors and employees of the Foundation are expected to conduct relationships with each other, the Foundation, and outside organizations with objectivity and honesty.

The general rule is that Foundation directors and employees are obligated to avoid conflicts of interest whenever possible.
If unavoidable, the director or employee should promptly disclose any ethical, legal, financial, or other conflict of interest situation involving the Foundation.
The director or employee concerned should then remove themself from a position of decision-making and/or authority with respect to any conflict situation involving the Foundation.

To read the full policy please email your contact details and written request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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